Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I was supposed to clean the entire house today; but got side-tracked to just AJ's room. LOL
Go figure! He has so many clothes that I needed to try on him & every time I thought about it, it just seemed like a complete hassle! Well, today was finally the day where I brought him in the room & made him try on every single outfit. The pain is, just because it says 6-9 months old on it, doesn't mean it's not too small or too big. And just because it says 0-3 months old doesn't meant the same thing! Some of the outfits that I swear are too big for him, are WAY too small for him. And the outfits that I swear are way too small for him are HUGE on him. So, whether he liked it or not, we sat down in his room & tried on every SINGLE outfit! LOL
So, now I've got about two boxes full of clothes that I need to take to some sort of baby thrift store & see if I can exchange for bigger sizes. They've got some pretty nice baby thrift stores around here. I've found a lot of stuff w/the tags still attached! LOL
Aj's room is starting to come together & starting to look like a little boys room. I told James earlier today, that about the time we finally get his room the way I want it to look, is about the time that we will be moving into another place! LOL! That is unless Aj's Godfather changes his mind about flipping this house & just lets us buy it from him. Which I doubt, but hey, doesn't hurt to have hope! I love this house & property!
My birthday was Monday (Oct. 4th) & it was a good one. Last year it kind of stunk because I was pregnant & super sick! But, this was the first year since my parents moved out of state that I actually got a cake. James surprised me & came home w/a clown cake, roses & a birthday card. He made my day with just the clown cake! LOL! I was very happy with my clown cake!
I'm so looking forward to Christmas! My Dad said not to go all out because it is just Aj's first Christmas & he's not going to remember. I know that, but I also know that it's gonna be hard for me to remember that. I talked James into going & getting family pictures done.
I'm also looking forward to February! It's going to be here sooner then I know it; just because it's 5months away doesn't mean that it wont be here in the blink of an eye. So, I'm trying to start getting things situated for that. My parents both want to be here for his 1st birthday which makes sense to me. So, depending on what they both decide on, depends on if we have the party the weekend before or the weekend after.
Aj is definitely getting around; becoming more vocal & getting into MUCH more trouble! I tell him "off limits" or "you may not" & he just looks at me, smiles & sometimes laughs & goes back to doing what he was. Sometimes he even shakes his head 'No' at me & babbles something & smiles & then goes back to doing what I just told him not to do! I know the little man understands! I tell him to "let go" & he does just that. I tell him "off limits" and he stops. So, again, I KNOW he understands what Mommy is telling him. All, I know is this baby is DEFINITELY a Bailey/Munoz! 
But, that's just about the gist of what's going on here in the Bailey world.

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