Saturday, September 25, 2010

One little monkey

I cannot believe how big my lil man is getting! This morning James found him standing in his crib playing with his bears on his mobile. I taught him how to stand in it! ;)
He was pretty good today, we went down to Pinellas Park for a baby shower; he seen an absolutely adorable little baby girl! He just couldn't stop staring!!!
After awhile he started getting cranky because he was hungry & it was WAY past nursing time! So, we left a bit early which I wanted to stay longer but I didn't want to bother people with a cranky baby!
We ended up going to Abe's Mugs & got me some food & AJ ate some turkey baby food I brought for him. On our way home AJ passed out & I fell asleep too.
We finally got home after a little while; and we were doing our family time. Family time is where we all hang out on the floor & play & just spend time together. Mostly, we like watching AJ & all the new things he does.
After awhile my butt started to hurt, so I got him & sat in my recliner & watched as AJ crawled (hands & knees) to the ottoman & pulled himself up to a standing position! I can't believe how big he's getting! He stood up & sat down a couple of times. He has this Pooh book that sings & talks that my Mom got for him that he absolutely loves! And he pulled himself up on the ottoman & walked along it to get to the book!
I just can't get over how one day he's born, the next he's doing a swim in the air thing, the next he's doing an army/scootin crawling thing, the next he's pulling himself up & STANDING & WALKING! :'(
I'm so proud of him! But, at the same time I'm so sad too! He's growing SO fast!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My life =-D

So, on Monday AJ's first tooth came in. The bottom, front, left incisor I think it's called.
Now, it's only a matter of time before the rest of them come in! Or so I'm told ;)
Life here has been the same basically; my life is so much fun! (sarcasm)
I enjoy my night visits with baby raccoons tearing up my trash; I watch them from a safe distance. They're on one side of the siding glass door, as I am on the other.
The neighbors who are cows (no joke) have been getting unwanted visitors themselves. But, those visitors are to be captured or shot (hogs). So the cows owners came in yesterday & set some traps; and as we were headed out for our little walk we talked to Terri, who owns that land & the cows, and he said he almost had to shoot one when he drove in. That was about 7:30pm.
I was in my bathroom getting on my scale to see how much weight I've lost; when I hear mean yelling & a couple rounds go off. I just assumed it had to do with the hogs. Then, later on at about 9pm I hear some noise outside; which USUALLY it's way too early for the coons to be out (they don't come until 12-1am). So, I ignore it, until I lay AJ down to sleep then I get up & just happen to flip on the light switch to the back area & I hear something make a noise, then all of a sudden about a 40-50lb comes flying around the corner & disappears! It was a raccoon!!! The biggest thing I've EVER, EVER, EVER SEEN!
I like watching my baby coons, but that thing was just SCARY lookin! That thing was the size of a big dog! Seriously!
My life is so, super, duper exciting; it consists of AJ's 1st tooth coming in & the exciting news of hogs being out & 50 pounder coons running threw my back porch & the cows next door moo-ing!
I'm not complaining, this is exactly the kind of life that I, we (both James & myself) begged God for.
Anyways, I'm gonna go see if my baby coon is outside yet.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bailey Every Day Life, take two.

The evening started out wonderful; with hearing my son call for me. I didn't enjoy hearing him cry, but I was cleaning. I hear him say "MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMA" a bunch of times. My husband, James asks him "Do you want your Mama?"; then you hear Aj cry again. I come into the living room & did a few more things then sat down, I still hear him crying & saying "MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMA" & crawling towards me, when he gets to my feet he reaches up for me & says "MAMA!!!!". I picked him up & he stopped crying. I tell you that was the bestest thing EVER! My heart melted away.

While I'm watching The Bad Girls club, my phone starts beeping like crazy at me; I pick it up & it says to re-enter my password for my email account.... uhmm ooohhhkay... so I do. Wrong password, please try again. I try again, says Wrong password please try again; so I p/u my computer, which has been acting up itself, and it asks me to type in password. I'm like OHHkay I was ALREADY logged in .. but sure... I type in the password. No account for this email address, so I try to make up a new one with my email addy & I can't, it's already taken, I try to log in, I can't because it's non-existent!
Then, my blog, which was under that same email address pops up saying account is non-existent as well!
Now, I have to completely reset my phone & now I've completely lost my blog that I've been writing in for the past few weeks about wonderful things.
Some things I've complained about, some things I've known people could laugh about, things people would adore. And now, I have to start from scratch.
Then, I've been having a raccoon problem; if I put my trash outside of my screened in porch then the trash ends up all over my property. If I put it inside the screened in porch, they cut my screen to get in & they trash my porch. I caught the big ole Coon & he ran off; but instead of going threw the hole he cut he goes threw the door which slams shut! Every time he did that it woke my son up just a little bit more; until Aj was screaming!
Thanks Coon! I was annoyed by that & on top of everything else it just threw me over. I ended up sitting & admiring the coon with my son. The coon tried to walk threw the door, then pawed at the sliding door looking at us like 'how the heck are you there & I'm here but I can't touch you?"
I think he's a loner, which is surprising because when we 1st moved in there was a whole pack of them; so he must've been the baby of the 3 I seen.
After awhile, I thought I was gonna lose it & started having a panic attack & woke my hubby asking him if I should shoot the coon or not; he left it up to me; which I can't kill anything. I apologize to God when I step on ants; that should say a lot!

I'm fine now, I realize that everything happens for a reason, whether I like that reason or not, it's gonna happen regardless.
 I'm almost done with my drink, my head is just about done hurting me... I just have to remember that God is on my side, along with a big army! I'm blessed regardless of others actions against me.
So, Bailey Every Day Life, take two.