Saturday, September 25, 2010

One little monkey

I cannot believe how big my lil man is getting! This morning James found him standing in his crib playing with his bears on his mobile. I taught him how to stand in it! ;)
He was pretty good today, we went down to Pinellas Park for a baby shower; he seen an absolutely adorable little baby girl! He just couldn't stop staring!!!
After awhile he started getting cranky because he was hungry & it was WAY past nursing time! So, we left a bit early which I wanted to stay longer but I didn't want to bother people with a cranky baby!
We ended up going to Abe's Mugs & got me some food & AJ ate some turkey baby food I brought for him. On our way home AJ passed out & I fell asleep too.
We finally got home after a little while; and we were doing our family time. Family time is where we all hang out on the floor & play & just spend time together. Mostly, we like watching AJ & all the new things he does.
After awhile my butt started to hurt, so I got him & sat in my recliner & watched as AJ crawled (hands & knees) to the ottoman & pulled himself up to a standing position! I can't believe how big he's getting! He stood up & sat down a couple of times. He has this Pooh book that sings & talks that my Mom got for him that he absolutely loves! And he pulled himself up on the ottoman & walked along it to get to the book!
I just can't get over how one day he's born, the next he's doing a swim in the air thing, the next he's doing an army/scootin crawling thing, the next he's pulling himself up & STANDING & WALKING! :'(
I'm so proud of him! But, at the same time I'm so sad too! He's growing SO fast!

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