Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This was the first ultrasound of our baby girl. This is the only good picture she's given us the entire pregnancy. Others just show her hand covering her face. It's crazy to think that I'm going to be a Mommy of not just one but two kids now. One boy & one girl.... this will be the last baby though.
It's kind of sad to think that this will be my last pregnancy, because I'm having my tubes tied. The last time I'll experience morning sickness, the last time I'll feel the brutal kick on my bladder that almost makes me wet my pants. The last time I'll feel her hiccups, annoying hiccups. lol
I've been blessed w/such a good little boy, he's the reason I wanted another baby. He has his moments, but he's the light of my day, the reason I get out of bed every morning (aside from having to pee lol). I'm kind of scared that she wont be as well behaved as he is. This pregnancy has been a brutal one, I've been sick every single day. I was ready for her to come out & join us before my 2nd trimester was over with! lol
I kind of feel like I did when I was pregnant w/my son; I'm so ready for the next part of our journey to start; but I'm so scared at the same time. Am I really going to be able to handle it all? How am I going to manage giving my love to not just one child anymore but two?! And giving it equally out, and to where child number one doesn't feel like his attention is being taken from him? I don't want him to feel like I love him any less, and he's so young, will he understand?
I plan on including him in activities, such as feeding & little things like that.

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